Scientific Evidence of the Dangers of Vaccines

Scientific evidence is emerging that shows vaccines can cause head incidents including autism, ADD, depression, epilepsy, schizophrenia, and other illness. That evidence is mainly suppressed by huge Pharma, the press, and the government. There’s huge money in the medical, pharmaceutical, and
vaccine industries and they do not need to lose their income tree. Anyone, including well-known scientists, who also suggest that vaccines are not secure but are indeed harmful gets black-balled and discredited.

Metal Dangers
Metal adjuvants don’t get safely eliminated from the human body, as believed by vaccine advocates.
Instead, the immune methods cells (macrophages) select them up and transfer them around the human body, and in to the brain. This will trigger head damage and autoimmune diseases.

Immune Initial Mind Damage
Mind growth is managed by “cytokines”(immune system signals). Activating them all through brain
growth can cause disruptions in these signs, which effects in permanent head damage such as
autism, schizophrenia and other emotional illnesses. Negative vaccine responses have already been proven to
stimulate (interleukin-6), which can be demonstrated to trigger autism. Research on this is done by many
laboratories all over the world, but the text to vaccines is dismissed.

Metal and Immune Initial
Metal causes immune initial, and interleukin-6 specifically. The IL-6 is stimulated in the
brain. In addition it stimulates Th2 initial, which can be shown to hinder head growth in pet studies.

They’re just a few causes that individuals should be concerned about the dangers of vaccines. Until
you can find conclusive reports that show that vaccines are harmful, many individuals will carry on to
confidence their doctors and the medical establishment that vaccines are completely secure and unfortunately
young ones will remain injured. Just by people being educated and vaccine dangers getting
subjected will the truth turn out and force the suppliers to create a secure item and maybe not be
secured by the federal government and the law.