When I got pre-kaged, I’m not likely to lie, I was a little disappointed. I received it as a puzzle preworkout from muscle and strength for $15. I was hoping to get one of the preworkouts I had known about and always enjoyed taking. However, after using it over the past month I was pleasantly surprised.


The best thing about it’s the actual fact I can perhaps work all day, go home and take a full scoop, and then have enough energy to obtain by way of a full blown workout. Pre-kaged is not the sort of preworkout which will hit you like a freight train. You understand those ones that go from 0 to 100 real quick. On my review of Pre-kaged, I kept awaiting “the preworkout just hit” moment but it never came. What did come though was energy and a lot of it. Enough to obtain me through my intense, high rep workout, and to help keep me going throughout work the same night. Should I mention that I was working a dual work day. From 7 am to 1pm I was working my 1st job, after I got off I visited workout, and then went in to my 2nd job at 5:45pm and not once did I believe my energy level was going to give out. That is my favorite section of pre-kaged. To0 many preworkouts have that pump to crash effect. Pre-kaged doesn’t, it provides sustained energy, that is perfect for people who are working those long hours. However, I don’t think pre-kaged is the one for me, because I’m a push junkie. I enjoy the preworkouts which make my entire body itch and puts my power level over 9000!!


The pre-kaged I received was their fruit punch flavor. From a texture stand point it’s near perfect. It mixes well and doesn’t give you with those face scrunching gritty pieces. It doesn’t froth up as soon as you shake it up. The flavor actually tastes good as well. It more of a tropical fruit fruit punch so it is a little tart, but it still includes a good taste to it. The one thing I don’t like about pre-kaged is how big a serving size is. The scoop is huge! One scoop is 31.9g and given that they serving size is really large it needs a great deal of water to combine it with. Which I actually do not like because I’d rather chug my preworkout and have it over with instead of sipping on it such as a cocktail. Other than that I don’t have any other complaints and I actually do recommend this preworkout to anyone who would like a sustained amount of energy for the remaining portion of the day.

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